Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green is Back...I Think

Hi everyone, I'm back from my quick little vacay to D.C. , so I'm here and happy to blog again! So guys, I just wanna make note, that you heard this here first: the color green seems to be back, after it's long hiatus in Fashion-Faux-Pas-Land. Honestly, I think many of us swore out green, after the whole army fatigues trend, of the early 2000's, was over, but now I think green has finally gotten another chance into our closets! I have recently noticed a few more green items, than usual, popping up around stores and in some fashion designers' collections. And, although, I wouldn't say green is just showing up everywhere, and becoming a huge trend, it seems to me, that to even see green at all(except on enviormental t-shirts, on St. Patrick's Day, and last year when the military trend was in, and olive green was showing up), is a big jump from what it's been in recent years. So, the point of this post is to say, that, although green has been almost non-existent for a while, I expect, that within in the next few fashion seasons, green will make a come back.

In lieu of the color green, here's a pic of Kate Middleton sporting a green Diane Von Furstenberg dress. 

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