Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Eagle(My Way of Showing American Pride ;D)

Today, I experienced something very new. I actually purchased something online. I had this American Eagle gift-card for $30 that I'd had for a while, so I decided to use it online. Boy, was I in luck, since it's Independence Day(well technically, not anymore, but when I was e-shopping it still was), they had free shipping and you get 20% off, if you used the code that they put on the main page.

So I guess by now you guys are curious to see what I got. The first thing, was a summer sweater. I had been wanting one ever since I had made the post about them. Although this may not be the "perfect" summer sweater, it seems like a great choice. And plus, it was such a great deal they had going on today, so I couldn't pass up my chance.

AE Dolman Sweater in Chalk
 This cute summer sweater is in the clearance section of American Eagle so it was already on sale from $44.50 to $29.95, but with the 20% off discount I got it for $23.96. Now of course, being the girl I am, I had to find something to get with the money I had left over on the gift-card. I ended up finding a cute scarf, that will be a great accessory year-round.

AEO Tasseled Plaid Scarf in Green

This scarf was originally $24.50, but I snagged it in the "Under $10" part of the clearance section, so it was only $6.99, and of course, there was the 20% off, so it actually only cost $5.59.

My total, came to $29.55. Since shipping was free, the only thing left to worry about was the tax, which ended up being $1.48 for my whole order. Since the end total, $31.03, was slightly larger than the amount on my gift-card, I paid for the rest on my regular prepaid card. The overall experience was great, and because of that I will probably shop online more often. 

AE makes online shopping very simple and easy, plus it's user-friendly. I just hope that the items I ordered are just as fabulous.

P.S.-Happy Belated Independence Day! :D

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