Monday, August 1, 2011

OOTD: Black and Gray Goes a Long Way

Okay guys, so for today I have an outfit post of something I wore a few days ago. I think the outfit is pretty cute, and I hope you will too! :)

Skirt(used as dress)- Naval Exchange(NEX), Jean Shirt(used as jacket)- JcPenney's, Gladiator Sandals(not shown in this picture)- Target

I adore this pic, AND, many others that I used for this post :)

No make-up in any of these pics, so how do I look? ;)

Isn't it so wonderful when clothing items can be used in more than one way?? Both of these pieces are like that, and that's what makes them so great. Like for instance, if I never would have used this skirt as a dress, I wouldn't even have this outfit as an option.

I love that this skirt/dress covers to popular trends, without being too obnoxiously obvious about it.(the two trends: maxi length and horizontal stripes)

Sorry for the jacket's wrinkled-ness, it was like that because I had just untied it.

I love and hate this picture at the same time: I love my face and smile(it looks like I have dimples :D ), but I hate that I look kinda frumpy in this picture. :\

This skirt, when used as a dress, comes a few inches past the knee, at the upper calf. Those are the same sandals that I've in a few other OOTD posts, that's why it didn't really bother me that there isn't a clear view of them. If you want to see the shoes clearer you can look here and here.

I hate that this one is so blurry, but I like it so much that I used it anyway.

Please excuse all the mess in the background, or we can just pretend like you never even noticed it. ;)

I tried to edit this pic, a little bit on my computer, to help out with the blurriness, not so sure it helped...

This is just a cute pic of a leaf that I saw lying on the ground, just as it is in the picture, one day, while walking my dog. I thought it was really pretty(IT'S HEART SHAPED!!! :D), so I decided to snap a shot of it. :)


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  2. Thank you, and I will definitely check out your blog! :D

  3. thank you for following my blog :) yours is so cute and i love this outfit, especially with the jacket tied in the knot!


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