Monday, September 26, 2011

Yayy!(One Lovely Blog Award and other stuff)

I know, I know, where the heck have I been, right?? Well... as you know, I go to school, and sadly, that has been taking up a lot of time, where I would have blogged instead. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to find a way to fit blogging, REGULARLY, back into my life. The other reason I haven't been blogging is because I did the dumb thing, of saying what my next post would be. So even when I could have been posting other stuff, I felt obligated to wait until I had that post ready. Luckily, I have finally given up that feeling of obligation. . .

Now, moving on to important stuff:

1) Today's post is not my first week of school outfit round-up post that I promised(it's still coming-by the end of this week- but just not today)

2) I received the One Lovely Blog award from my "blogger buddy", as I like to call her :) , or as you all might know her, the blogger behind The Girl With The Notepad. I'm sooo happy and thankful to receive this award, and that will, be the focus of this post.

and lastly: 3) this is my 50th post!!! I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a small step towards the right direction! I hope to continue and reach many, many more 50 marks on this blog!! :)

Moving on:

One Lovely Blog Award

Again, I just like to say thanks to Emily (from The Girl With The Notepad) for nominating me, I'm so happy that you did! :) Along with the award, each nominee has to say seven facts about themselves, so here they go:

Seven Facts About Me:
1) When I was younger I used to live in Germany because my dad was in the army.

2) I have grown to know grilled cheese as being a breakfast food. In fact, I didn't find out it wasn't until sometime earlier this month.

3) I have an adorable dog named Rockey, who's a mix between a Bichon Frise and a long-haired Miniature Dachshund. Here's a few pics of him(in order from oldest to newest):

This was from Mother's Day of 2010, I made him a little hat that said Happy Mother's Day on it! And yes, he was on top of the washing machine, but don't worry I kept my eye on him the whole time, and it was just while I took pictures. No dogs were harmed. :)

This was from the past winter, and we weren't sure if he would get cold, so we got him a sweater. Let's just say that didn't go well, and we don't try to dress him up anymore, but we did get some great pictures(the whole time he looked like he was just posing and smiling for the camera)! :D

Here's a more recent picture, from sometime this summer. This is basically just how he sleeps, adorable isn't it!?! :)

4) I love to write songs, poetry, and lots of other little things. It's kinda of my secret obsession(well not really secret).

5) My favorite dessert is probably brownies. I just LOVE them, they're sooo delicious!! Oh and while we're at it, my favorite after-school or late-night snacks are chips and salsa or a bowl of cereal.

6) I want to travel the world someday. I think it would be great to visit different countries and learn new cultures. In particular, I would want to visit Australia and New Zealand, because they both just seem like amazing places to go to. Speaking of traveling- when I am grown-up I think, that if I didn't still live here in Virginia, I would like to live in either New York City or somewhere in California. They both are MAJOR places here in the United States, and I think they would be great areas to kick off my adult life and career.
(Sorry, I kinda cheated on this fact, making it a two-fer!)

7) Something that I have the most absoulte dislike for are rollercoasters!!! I actually like almost everything about them, except for the drops. I'm not afraid of the heights so much as I can't stand the feeling you get when you drop, it's such a wretched sensation! I wish that feeling didn't feel so bad to me, because it would make my time at amusement parks more fun, but I guess there's nothing I can do. :(

Okay, so there you go, seven facts about me (if you want to know a little more, you can check out my About Me page), now my duty, as a nominee, is to past it to other blog(s). So here are my nominees:

Princesses with Crowns

P.S- I would nominate The Girl With The Notepad, but of course I can't do that, since she nominated me. :D

That's all for today. Thanks everyone, for sticking with me, through all of this lack of posting that I have been doing!!! Hope to be posting again SOON!  :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh My. . .

...I'm so, SOOOO sorry that I haven't posted, in what's been a week!! School started back up for me(8th grade this year :D) and getting back adjusted to my schedule has made me EXTRAORDINARILY tired during the weekdays. I mean, I'm really getting kicked where it hurts, you know??? By 6pm I feel completely exhausted, but I hope that with this next upcoming week I won't have that same issue.

So anyway, today I have a "Look for Less" post, on an adorable outfit that Emma Roberts wore while on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. It's a very polished look that is so chic, and very cute! Here's two pics of her wearing the outfit:

Photo Credits:

Now, here are my slightly edited and tweaked, but less expensive versions of her outfit: 
Emma Roberts on the Light Night Show with Jimmy Fallon

Uniqlo cotton shirt
£2.90 -

Dorothy Perkins polka dot top
£20 -

Miss Selfridge cream shirt
£20 -

Zara jacket
$30 -

River Island red blazer
£60 -

OrangeBear blazer
$38 -

Alice In The Eve pleated skirt
$90 -

Call It Spring® 'Dajani' Pump
$25 -

Hope you liked today's post! Below, I have a little info on the next post, coming up.

As previously said, last week was the 1st week back to school for me, so of course I had to dress to impress! Everyone stay tuned for my next post, where I will have all the outfits I wore for the first week of school! :)

Side Note: I'd like to take this time to remember all the lives lost during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This is the tenth anniversary, but we'll never forget you. My heart goes out to everyone who was, in some way, affected by this tragic incident. It was a horrific thing that happen ten years ago, and all that we can hope is that people will be able to move forward, yet still keep lost loved ones in their hearts.
Photo Credit:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess Who's Back???

Yay, YAY, YAAAAYYY, my power is finally back!!! we just got it back earlier this evening, and I'm so happy! Lights, A/C, T.V, refrigerator, microwave, and INTERNET- it's all back(well there's more stuff too, but those are the 1st things that come to mind)! Now, that the power is back on I can't stop singing All of the Lights, in my head :) .

Well anyway, I don't want to bore you with my troubles, so today I have a post on Zoe Saldana. I love her style, and she is definitely one of my style icons! I'll be honest, and say, that some of her outfits don't always work, but I do admire that she isn't afraid to take risks. Below, are some fairly recent outfits that she has worn, that I just adore. By the way, these pictures are brought to you by (gotta' make sure to give credit, where credit is do!).

Totally love this look! The ruching on the side is a perfect addition to the dress. 

This dress, is actually what inspired me to do this post on her. It has a summer feel while still being elegant.

She pulls off this jumpsuit great, by accessorizing it with those gorgeous heels and sleek hair. Not mention, this is just how amazing she looks on a casual day, who could beat that??

This picture is from a photoshoot she did for Be Magazine. I definitely like the dress, and the heels are killer! Oh, and did I mention- I LOVE her hair!! :)

This dress is cute, yet, quirky, and I love those shoes she wore.

I really, really love this shorts suit! It's so perfect for her, and it manages to still be dressy enough for the Red Carpet.

This look is great. It's simple, but it still has a slight sophisticated and edgy feel to it, so it could be worn day and night(with a change of shoes for the night, of course!).

Loving this dress! It's so chic, and the red & navy, give a change to the classic stripe colors of black & white(or the shades in between, like gray).

Although, I'm not quite sure how I'm liking the wide-legged pants trend, I know, that if I turned out looking like this, I would wear wide-leg pants all the time!! :)

This gown is simple, but it seems to say so much. It looks gorgeous on her, and the necklace adds a little bit of an edge to it all.