Thursday, June 30, 2011

Polyvore Update

Right now, I'm feeling kinda lazy, so for this post I'm just gonna put a few of my Polyvore sets that you guys haven't seen, up here. Hope it you love, and hope it will inspire you and your wardrobe! :)

Fun Summer Outfit

Romper jumpsuit
$16 -

Wet seal shoes
$15 -

Roxy vinyl handbag
$37 -

Vintage style hat
$18 -

Icon Eyewear square sunglasses
$10 -

Forever21 buckle belt
$3.80 -

Okay so I totally love this first one for a few reasons: 1) the fabulous romper, 2) those awesome shades, and 3) the colors: teal/turquoise and coral! This look is perfect for a nice summer day spent shopping.

Red Hot

Viscose dress
£30 -

Black patent leather shoes
£30 -

La Regale clutch handbag
$20 -

Wide bracelet
$15 -

Dangle earrings
$5.99 -

Dorothy Perkins zebra ring
£7.50 -

Onyx necklace
$35 -

Burgundy Wrapped Bangle Pack
$28 -

Now this outfit is just perfect for a night on the town with the girls! It's fun and, did I mention, it's hot too? ;)

Simply Chic

Nautical t shirt
£8 -

Old navy shorts
$16 -

Red pumps
$50 -

Black bag
£3,745 -

Disney clear watch
$20 -

White House Black Market pearl chain necklace
$35 -

Betsey Johnson heart earrings
$35 -

Glass shades
$10 -

This last set manages to be the perfect balance between chic and simple.It gives off a cool retro vibe. Plus, it's very versatile so you can wear it on a casual day, or for a classy night out.

P.S.-Do you see the $10 glasses in this last set?? Well, is it just me or do they have a striking resemblance to the $325 Alexander Wang glasses here? Can you say Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic? ;)

Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic: Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Pumps

Today, I have something new for you guys, it's something that I'm going to start doing here on the blog called Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic. Have you ever been to the mall and looked in the store window and you see a really nice pair of shoes, but you just know it's way out of your budget? Or maybe you been hanging out with a really wealthy friend and you just adore her new handbag, but you know you can't afford it? Or maybe, you're looking through a magazine and see your fave celeb wearing the cutest earrings, but you know you could never get them? Well if you said yes to any of the above things, then Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic is right for you. In posts like these I will showcase different items that are really expensive and give you few options on how to get, basically, the same thing for a whole lot less.

For today, I'm showing two different pairs of Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps.

First off I have these amazing Christian Louboutin glitter pumps for $895 at Neiman Marcus:

Christian Louboutin Lady Glittered Peep-Toe Pump
I totally love these shoes! They're sophisticated, yet fun.

Now we have a few options of, practically, the same thing for a whole lot less:

Steve Madden Gayle Glitter Slingback- $59.95 at DSW
Although it's a slingback, it's probably as close to the correct color as you're going to get, and that's what makes it a good choice.

Micheal Antonio Keme Open-Toe Pump in gold- $43.99 at

These shoes are so fab, and at $43.99 for these gold ones, who could pass them up?

Rampage Gracee Glitter Pump in gold- $39.95 at DSW
Aren't these shoes so nice? I even like this pair of shoes in its other colors!

The Landi XI Shoe in gold glitter- $30 at
 Although honestly, this last option really isn't as comparable as the rest, because it's a slingback and it's closed-toed, I just had to put them in here because I love them so much! I mean look at them, they're gorgeous!

Now we have the second Christian Louboutin peep-toe pump. The difference is that this one has lace instead of glitter, which, you all know, is a major trend right now. This shoe is priced as $995 at Neiman Marcus.

Christian Louboutin Lace Peep-Toe Platform Pump
I love how these shoes are so elegant and versatile!

Now, I have two shoes that are definitely good ways to get this same look on a budget:

Guess Hondola Natural Multi-Fabric- $99.99 at
 Okay, so this shoe might be a little more pricey than the rest of the shoes, but compare it to $995 and well, you got yourself a steal. And plus, look at these shoes, they're so cute! Personally, I think they're worth the price.

Miss Me Jocelyn 30 Lace Pump- $44.95 at DSW
These shoes are great, so why wouldn't you get them for only $44.95?

Okay, so that sums up things here. Hope you liked my first Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic, because there will be more of it in the future! And as always, thanks, for reading and I hope you liked it! :)

P.S.-Sorry for the delay on this post. Last night Blogger wasn't working for me. Don't worry though, it's back to normal now, so that means there will be another post up today(or tonight).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Sweaters

I used to think that people who wore wintry type things(long sleeve shirts, hoodies, etc.), in the summer were-as a best friend of mine likes to say-weather confused. But now, contrary to my own belief, I actually, really like the whole summer sweater trend. I love the way summer sweaters just ooze off a cool/chill vibe, but if you wear them right they can still be chic and somewhat sophisticated. They have that whole Cali girl feel, with just a dash of New York. You know, the type of girl who spends her summer hanging by the beach, in her beach house, sipping lemonade, wearing her summer sweater, a maxi skirt, some huge glam shades, and a nice straw hat. Boy, would I like to be that girl right now, but hey, none of us have to be that girl to pull off that look. All you have to do is just put in a little effort, and find yourself a great summer sweater. Trust me ladies, it's worth the buy, and once you find the right one you'll want to wear it over and over again(especially once it' starts to get cooler at night, like in August), because they're just sooo versatile!

So anyway, being the nice, wonderful blogger, that I am ;) I made a set with different summer sweaters that I thought were pretty cute!
Summer Sweaters

Summer top
£25 -

39 SIXTYONE sheer t shirt
$37 -

Soul Cal baseball top
£30 -

Jane Norman pointelle cardigan
£14 -

Peach sweater
$35 -

Ecote summer top
$54 -

Ecote open back sweater
$49 -

Sparkle Fade open back top
$44 -

Lace back shirt
$18 -

Forever21 ribbed sweater
$18 -

Forever21 top
$15 -

ASOS boat neck top
$31 -

Red Herring jumper sweater
£16 -

Stripe sweater
$34 -

Stone Striped T-Bag Sweater
£25 -

You thought I was done, didn't you? Well guess what, you're wrong. I actually have more for you. I must have felt super nice today because after starting this post I decided to make another Polyvore set that shows three different ways to wear a summer sweater. Hope you enjoy it! :)
How to Pull Off a Summer Sweater

Scoop neck shirt
$16 -

J Crew summer cardigan
$40 -

Racer back tank
$17 -

Forever21 short sleeve sweater
$28 -

$33 -

Dorothy Perkins maxi skirt
£20 -

Dorothy Perkins long maxi skirt
£28 -

Forever21 open toe sandals
$15 -

Old Navy wedge shoes
$33 -

Yellow shoes
$50 -

Metal tote
$88 -

Gilded Lily Goods bullet earrings
$80 -

Chain jewelry
$30 -

Dorothy Perkins trilby hat
£16 -

Jessica Simpson straw sun hat
$38 -

Daytrip plastic sunglasses
$12 -

Plastic sunglasses
$9.99 -

Rocawear sunglasses
$40 -