Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Fashion

As you all know, Independence Day is coming up. For the occasion, I decided to make a Fourth of July set on Polyvore. There are two outfits that I put together, and they showcase that beautiful American patriotism! Hope you enjoy! :)

Kiss Me I'm American

Forever21 striped sweater
$18 -

Old Navy cropped sweater
$23 -

Bench cotton tank top
£20 -

Mango skinny jeans
£17 -

Criminal Damage short shorts
£20 -

Apple Bottoms red high heels
$30 -

Iron Fist high heels
$50 -

Juicy couture tote
$78 -

Zara messenger bag
$40 -

Kaliko bangle bracelet
£4.50 -

Sequin bangle bracelet
$34 -

Straw fedora
$29 -

John Lewis wayfarer sunglasses
£12 -

Miss Sixty belt
$29 -

Southpole shield sunglasses
$26 -

So everyone, make sure to celebrate Independence Day with fun(and fashion), and please, please, please, don't be the one dressed like this:

Lil' Wayne at 2011 BET Awards
Okay, so I'm all for patriotism, and I'm even for clothing with the American flag on it, but these shorts/boxers/swimming trunks/ I don't know what they are, are just straight up tacky! So please, everyone let's learn from his mistake, and make sure not to repeat it!

Thanks for reading, and happy early Fourth of July! :)

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