Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Obsessions: Love for Leopard

Today, I have for you the first "My Obsessions" post. Post like these will be about different types of fashion things that I dearly love, and have become a crazed fan of. Now, as you all have probably already figured out, if you've seen my other posts, I'm totally in love leopard print! I mean, haven't you guys noticed that in A LOT of the posts I manage to slip in something with leopard print in it? I never did it on purpose, and I didn't even realize it until I started to look closely at my blog. Well, anyway, on purpose or not, I still love leopard print and it is for sure a major obsession, so I made a set on Polyvore on it. Hope you like it!

Loving Leopard

Sea NY leopard print dress
£380 -

Camilla and Marc silk dress
£305 -

Truly Madly Deeply scoop neck tee
$39 -

Tripp scoop neck cardigan
$59 -

Miss Selfridge crop top
£19 -

Leopard print top
$18 -

Leopard print t shirt
£25 -

Wet Seal top
$9.80 -

Tripp low rise jeans
$66 -

£265 -

Lanvin bikini swimwear
£520 -

Cuffed shorts
$27 -

Maje red skirt
$105 -

Motel Summer Leopard Dress
$84 -

Matiko white boots
$215 -

BCBG Max Azria t strap sandals
$115 -

Tory Burch leopard print high heels
£295 -

Michael Kors animal print tote bag
$1,495 -

Juicy Couture nylon tote
$198 -

Betsey Johnson tote handbag
$98 -

Givenchy leopard print tote bag
£895 -

Jerome Dreyfuss shoulder handbag
£510 -

Foley Corinna leather handbag
£116 -

Breda silver jewelry
$26 -

Manumit brass bangle bracelet
£10 -

Green scarve
£70 -

Leopard print scarve
€118 -

Diane von Furstenberg leopard print scarve
£125 -

Waist belt
£29 -

On another note, remember this sweater from the "Summer Sweaters" post? Well, while I was on Polyvore I saw this similar sweater, except it cost a lot more(compare: $18 to a whopping $101). The funny thing about it, is that I actually like the version in my old post better than the more expensive version. I just thought that it was pretty cool that I had done a "Pretty Pricey vs. Cheaply Chic" type thing, without even trying. :)


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