Sunday, July 17, 2011

All We Got Is Time

For today, I just have a little Polyvore set, that I made for you guys. It's a fun set that I called, "All We Got Is Time." It's a great outfit that can go from a casual day to a fun night, without having to change anything. The outfit, I feel, is a little different, but it all comes together because of the neutral colors. The outfit has a cool chic vibe to it, and I hope you like it! :)

All We Got Is Time

Short sleeve shirt
£23 -

Dorothy Perkins harem pants
£12 -

Rue21 heeled sandals
$27 -

Cross body shoulder bag
£28 -

Alexander McQueen silver bracelet
£265 -

Cheap Monday black shades
$50 -

P.S.- This post is actually automated, and I'm really typing this at 6pm, pretty cool, huh?


  1. I like it, it seems perfect for summer!!

  2. i want this whole outfit! loving this top girl.

  3. Thanks guys for all the comments, I appreciate it, and it's good to know you like it! :D

  4. This is such a chic outfit, love the shoes. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Thanks Addie, by the way, I checked out your blog, and you have some cute outfits :)


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