Monday, July 11, 2011

My Obsessions: Dreaming of Dresses

So today's post is about dresses. Dresses, dresses, dresses- so pretty, and girly, and graceful. Dresses just have a way of being, well, rather majestic. It seems that for a woman, if there's an important event in our lives-we wear dresses(think: proms, weddings, or even if we just want to feel pretty). I can just picture myself, now, in a field of flowers, twirling around in a dress , and dancing with butterflies-okay, okay, back to reality. Wearing dresses is one of the reasons I'm glad that I'm a girl(one among, well, basically, ALL other reasons). So to show my gratitude, I made a set of different summery dresses, that I totally adore!

Hope you like, and are inspired by, the dresses. Oh, and ladies, add some dresses to your wardrobe, it's nice to show off your feminine side. :)
Dresses to Love

Tube dress
$25 -

$32 -

Forever21 floral dress
$25 -

Miss Selfridge lace cocktail dress
£22 -

Oasis shirt dress
£15 -

AX Paris lace dress
£30 -

Dorothy Perkins cocktail party dress
£18 -

H m dress
£9.99 -

Rue21 animal print dress
$25 -

Dorothy Perkins cocktail party dress
£29 -

Chiffon dress
$25 -

Dorothy Perkins cocktail party dress
£15 -

Bibico jersey dress
£31 -

TopShop floral dress
$30 -

Dorothy Perkins cocktail party dress
£19 -

Jersey dress
£27 -

Dorothy Perkins lace dress
£17 -

Rue21 eyelet dress
$25 -


  1. Gorgeous!! amazing dresses, I love all!!
    Kisses from México! :)

  2. Thanks! Aren't dresses just great?!?!


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