Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Wish-list- July 2011

Okay, let's skip the small talk and get right down to business :)
So let me just say, the first item on this list is what inspired me to do a wish-list in the first place. I've been on the quest for the perfect coral nail polish, and I think I've found it!!

Item #1-The PERFECT Coral Nail Polish
O.P.I- Big City- Bright Lights
I love, love, LOVE this shade of coral! Coral has started to become my new favorite color, and this coral nail polish, seems like the perfect shade. I mean, I've been searching all over for this "magical" shade, to the point where I was starting to think it didn't exist. I had such high expectations on what I wanted my coral nail polish to be: "That one's too pink," "This one isn't bright enough," "That one isn't even coral, it's just orange," these are the different things I would say while looking at my options in the store. Now, I know that once I buy this nail polish, I will be one happy chica! ;D

Item #2-A Big Floppy Straw Hat
Juicy Couture- Stripe Floppy Paper Straw Hat-in Angel with Gold
This $78 Juicy Couture straw hat is just fab! It comes in three other colors, besides the one shown above, but I chose that one because it seems like it would have more options on what could be worn with it. This would be a great accessory for a day at the beach, and it's so chic and elegant!
Item #3- An Inexpensive Black Blazer
H&M Blazer
I've been wanting a blazer for a few weeks now, and this one seems like a great candidate(without being super pricey). It is pretty classic, and it's black, so it's very versatile. This blazer could become a key piece in my wardrobe, especially once the fall rolls in. I could pair it with a white tee and dark skinny jeans for a clean, somewhat professional look, or pair it with a floral dress for a funky take, on a girly-type look. If I had my choice I would want a blazer with the sleeves cuffed, but I guess, that if i get this blazer, I'll just have to roll up the sleeves. Maybe, if I'm lucky, there'll be a nice lining on the inside. Either way, this blazer is still a great item!

Item #4-A Cute A-Line Button-Front(Button-Up) Skirt
BDG Button-Up Skirt
This skirt is so cute! It's quirky and cool, while still managing to be fashionable. It would be a great addition to my wardrobe, that could be worn almost year-around(just not when it gets really cold).

Item #5-A Cool Printed Romper
Ruche- Little Pieces of My Heart Romper
When it comes to cool printed rompers, this one definitely takes the cake. It even says that in it's item description! This romper is so chic and cool, that any girl, from the southern belle to the California sufer, could rock this and it would still capture their style, and look great! I would love to add this last item of my wish-list to my closet, and I'm sure many of you guys would too!

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