Monday, June 20, 2011

Make It Sparkle

So last week I painted my nails and it turned out amazing! It was a nice dark blue color with sparkles.

 Here's what it looked like:

sorry for the quality of this pic, but there's another one as you read more and it's somewhat better

Now I'm going to give you the steps to achieve this look.

1st) You need Wet n Wild's Wild Shine in Sapphire Blue (445D)

You probably will only need to apply one coat of this because of the darkness in color, because you'll be applying more nail polish on top of this(the sparkly nail polish), and the fact that it's quality nail polish.

2nd) You'll need Claire's teal glitter nail polish

You can add as many coats of this as you want, because it just depends on your tastes and how much sparkle you really want, but I only did 1 coat (well more like 1 and half).
In this picture you can actually see how this polish is a teal color, and not as light.

3rd) Well there is no 3rd but now you're done and you get to see the end result!


Another option is, if you wanted your nails to be darker blue than mine were then you should use black for the bottom coat instead of blue

This black nail polish(I used it on my toes) is by Sally Girl and is called Poser(812) and is also shown in the picture below

I used black polish on my toes, and although I thought it was going to be black, it turned out to look more like a navy or midnight blue because of the sparkles already being blue.


Also, while on the subject of changing the shade, I assume that if you wanted a lighter blue for your nails then you could always get use some lighter shade of blue to replace the sapphire blue that I used.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! :D

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