Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bows, and Tigers, and Rhinestones-OH MY! (First Ever Outfit Post!!)

Okay, so for the 3rd time ,sorry on the lateness. I would promise to do better about that, but I'm not so sure if that's going to happen. So anyway, like I said last time, I have for you the my 1st outfit post! Just to let you know there's a lot of pictures(sorry, I'm kind of indecisive sometimes, so when in doubt: I pick them all! ;D). Hope you guys like it, and let me just apologize up-front for the quality of the pictures. I was using my iPod Touch and my cell phone, and plus, I took them like the classic social network profile pic(pics taken of yourself in the bathroom mirror where the phone is in the picture too). Don't worry though guys the next time I take pics, it'll probably with my actual camera, so it'll be much better quality. Well anyway, here it goes, and as usual, there will be more to come, tomorrow! :)

Tiger Shirt- TJ Maxx $12.99, White Tank with Gray(Grey) Stripes(used as undershirt)-Walmart around $4.50, Jean Shorts-Walmart around $10, Pink Cheetah Hair Bow-Michael's (yes, the arts and crafts store) around $4, Bow Ring-Glitter only $1(it's a local store inside a mall), Pink Faux Pearls Bracelet-Gift from someone $?, Metal Bracelet-??? maybe Claire's $?, Black "One Way To Play" Bracelet-from my school(they did this whole alcohol awareness thing) $=free, Metallic Bangles Set-Walmart(gift from my friend so I'm not sure of the cost, but I used to have some rainbow ones like that and I think it's probably around $6), Black Gladiator Sandals(not shown in this picture)-Target $-not sure but probably around $15
You can actually see the tiger up close in this pic AND you can see the wonderful rhinestone detail around it's eyes
In this picture you can actually(well, almost) get the full affect(or effect not really sure) of the outfit

Here's a great view of the bow(one of the purchases I'm most proud of-I'm pretty sure it was only 3 or 4 dollars), and you can see the detail on the back too

the tank I wore underneath my shirt

Don't you just love<3 that bow ring, especially when it only costs $1!

You can see the embellishments of the sandals here

Sorry for the chipped nail polish, that's just what the chlorine water does to them, and yes, that is the midnight blue color on my toes that I talked about in the "Make It Sparkle" post.

Sorry for this picture being blurry, but it's the only one of the whole outfit that includes the shoes


  1. great ring!!
    Love it!


  2. I love your tshirt and your ring!!
    I follow you :D
    Maybe if your want, you could visit my blog too and follow me back ;)
    Kisses from México city!

  3. Thanks Gaby! I checked out your blog, and you have a nice style! I'm going to follow you! :)


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