Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Ring(Another Clever Title By Your's Truly ;D)

So today I got inspired on what to post about through my own wardrobe. The other day I bought this really cool ring(and surprisingly it's like the 1st ring I've really ever bought, along with the two other rings I bought with that one, including the bow ring in my last post) , which gave me the idea to make a set with some cute rings to spice up the usual summer wardrobe.

So first, here's the ring that inspired me:

So this is what started it all, and to think, it was only $1! What a steal!
This ring is from the store Glitter. Yep, the same store that I got my bow ring from in the "Bows, Tigers, Rhinestones-OH MY!" post. And yes, that ring was for a dollar too, that's because Glitter is a new accessory store, and basically everything in there is either 1 or 2 dollars.
I love the way rings look on the- wait, you guessed it- RING FINGER, I guess that's why it has that name.
If you look closely in this picture and in the 1st picture you can see, that where there are the little cut-out parts on the ring, it's actually different shapes. There's a 13, a 7, a fish, two little hearts, a flower(or a clover, not quite sure), and a spade. I think that's pretty snazzy, if I don't say so myself, and again- it was only a dollar so even better!

Now we get to the main course: my Polyvore set, in which I named, "Rings I <3." Hope you like it as much I did, and I hope this will encourage you to buy some rings of your own!

Rings I <3

Antique sterling silver ring
$35 -

TopShop square ring
$25 -

Antique silver jewelry
$12 -

TopShop gold ring
$28 -

Club Manhattan ring
€20 -

ALDO oval ring
$10 -

Dorothy Perkins leopard print jewelry
£8.50 -

Stone ring
$17 -

Stone ring
$28 -

Oasis oval ring
£12 -

Miss Selfridge stone ring
£8.50 -

TopShop vintage filigree ring
$28 -

GUESS mixed metal ring
$22 -

Forever21 filigree ring
$3.80 -

ALDO engraved jewelry
$12 -

Miss Selfridge heart ring
£7.50 -

Silver opal ring
$50 -

Miss Selfridge leaf ring
£3.75 -

Dorothy Perkins flower ring
£3 -


  1. awesome outfit &post!!!!
    congratulation honey!!=D

  2. thanks! I really appreciate it! :D


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