Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stella McCartney: Autumn and Winter 2011 Collections

So I was recently browsing Stella McCartney's website, and I came across her amazing fall and winter collections, for this year. I really love a lot of the looks, but I'm just going to put a few of my favorites, on here. If you want to see the rest of each collection, you can click here for the autumn one, and here for the winter one.

Let's start off with the fall:

Love this dress! The lace is so trendy, and I like that the dress has a modern ballerina feel to it(Black Swan much??). <3

I like the whole vibe of this shirt, it's somehow modern and retro, at the same time. And didn't I say green was back??

I totally adore the nude color in this dress, and the leaves give the dress an elegant yet unique feel.

This look is the perfect blend of simple and chic!

I love how this dress is classy, but still very fun.

Now, here's a few looks from the winter collection:

I love that this look is still cute and girly, even though it's black.

I mean, what can I say, it's sheer and chic! :)

This dress is probably my favorite item in the winter collection, it's edgy and cool, but has a feminine touch.

This dress is simple yet modern, and it kinda has a sci-fi feel. Oh, and the fact that it includes two major trends(color blocking and bodycon) is a definite plus!

I adore this dress, it seems comfy, but it's still cute!

Thanks for reading today's post! Hope you liked it, and come back soon! :D


  1. What a great collection. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Nice blog! We are now following.

    ~Bobbie & Meesh

  3. So true - the first dress does remind a bit of Black Swan. Totally love it. Would go crazy to own it and take it out on a event.
    Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!!! :)


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