Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Chill, So Summer- OOTD

Today's post is an "Outfit of the Day" post. I wore the outfit about a week ago, or so, but I'm just getting around to posting it. It includes the summer sweater, that I ordered form American Eagle, and talked about in another post, that you can find HERE. What I love about this outfit is that it's so perfect to wear while in the transition from the late summer into the fall, and I'm sure that with a little tweaking, it could even be worn in the winter. All and all, it's practically, a year round outfit! :)

Say Cheese! :)

My Beauty Pageant Stance ;)

Sweater- American Eagle, Jeans(that I rolled up a little bit)- JcPenney's, Shoes- Rack Room Shoes

This picture is my favorite! :)

Here's an up-close view of the shoes.

In this pic, you can see how the sweater has a relaxed fit.

The weird-ish white fog like stuff that's on my jeans, in some of these pics, is just streaking on the mirror, or if you'd like, we can say it was a ghost. ;)

On another note, I went to the beach the other day with a friend and my mom :), so here's a of the few pics. <3

The lovely view that we had :)

This is like the most amazing pic of me ever, okay, I'm probably exaggerating, but I love it so much! I guess looking in the mirror all the time, to take pictures for the blog, has paid off, by me learning what poses work well for me. :D

I drew my name in the sand and my friend drew the heart towards the top. :)

The girl in this picture(well besides me, of course) is one of my best friends, Anaya.

Well if you care to know, because this is a fashion blog, I'll tell you where my beachwear is from. Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe(they were a steal, for only $5.50!), Pink Cover-Up- Wal-mart, Swimsuit(even though you can't really see it)- Sears

Yup, we are definitely gangsters! ;)


  1. Hey, doll! You have a super cute blog! I started reading and couldn't stop! I love your style! I am definitely following you! Can't wait to read more!

    Very cute sweater, and even cuter shoes! I envy that outfit! On the beach part, I am so jealous! I live in the Midwest so the closest I come to a beach is a man-made lake with rocks instead of sand! xP haha You looked lovely! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the comment and for following!! That's too bad that you don't have beaches where you're at, i guess that's one reason I'm glad that I live in Virginia! And if you're really interested in the sweater, they ,might still have it up on American Eagle's website!!


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