Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry that I've been gone for awhile. As you know, an earthquake recently hit here, but i guess mother nature hadn't made her point yet. A few days later hurricane Irene made a little visit. I didn't think the hurricane had hit very badly, around here, but apparently 500 trees did, because that's about how many fell down in my surrounding area. Which, as you guessed caused my (and around 350,000 other households') power to be out. Mine has been out since Saturday, and although the power is coming back in places around me, I think it probably won't be until the Saturday coming up for me to have power again.

If you're wondering how I'm writing this, I made a trip to the public library near me, which, I am thankful, has power. So no, this not a regular post, just a quick little writing to say; no I'm not dead, sick, missing, busy, or, surprisingly, I'm not even "just too lazy" to post. I actually have a real excuse this time, I have no electricity!

So I guess this is it for a little while, but don't quit me yet! I'll be back as soon as my power gets cut back on, so check back soon!

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