Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess Who's Back???

Yay, YAY, YAAAAYYY, my power is finally back!!! we just got it back earlier this evening, and I'm so happy! Lights, A/C, T.V, refrigerator, microwave, and INTERNET- it's all back(well there's more stuff too, but those are the 1st things that come to mind)! Now, that the power is back on I can't stop singing All of the Lights, in my head :) .

Well anyway, I don't want to bore you with my troubles, so today I have a post on Zoe Saldana. I love her style, and she is definitely one of my style icons! I'll be honest, and say, that some of her outfits don't always work, but I do admire that she isn't afraid to take risks. Below, are some fairly recent outfits that she has worn, that I just adore. By the way, these pictures are brought to you by (gotta' make sure to give credit, where credit is do!).

Totally love this look! The ruching on the side is a perfect addition to the dress. 

This dress, is actually what inspired me to do this post on her. It has a summer feel while still being elegant.

She pulls off this jumpsuit great, by accessorizing it with those gorgeous heels and sleek hair. Not mention, this is just how amazing she looks on a casual day, who could beat that??

This picture is from a photoshoot she did for Be Magazine. I definitely like the dress, and the heels are killer! Oh, and did I mention- I LOVE her hair!! :)

This dress is cute, yet, quirky, and I love those shoes she wore.

I really, really love this shorts suit! It's so perfect for her, and it manages to still be dressy enough for the Red Carpet.

This look is great. It's simple, but it still has a slight sophisticated and edgy feel to it, so it could be worn day and night(with a change of shoes for the night, of course!).

Loving this dress! It's so chic, and the red & navy, give a change to the classic stripe colors of black & white(or the shades in between, like gray).

Although, I'm not quite sure how I'm liking the wide-legged pants trend, I know, that if I turned out looking like this, I would wear wide-leg pants all the time!! :)

This gown is simple, but it seems to say so much. It looks gorgeous on her, and the necklace adds a little bit of an edge to it all.


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  2. We love her style.. She is chic and sexy!

  3. Wow... what a style icon. I love everything she wore!

  4. hope131211: checked out your site!! I tried to comment on it, but I can't figure out how to!

    Clarie and Vasia: I agree, by the way, you two are very pretty!!

    TheGirlWithTheNotepad: yes, I love her style too, and I think she's just so pretty! :)

  5. Wow, I had never appreciated Zoe Saldana's style before but I loved every outfit here. She is so versatile, though I guess it helps being drop dead gorgeous! Think I may have found a new style idol, thanks :)

    Fi xx

  6. I totally agree about her being versatile, and te fact that she's gorgeous, and I'm glad that I could help you o see er style in a new light!! :D


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