Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nail Post: Sliver and Neon

Hi there! So guess who did their nails the other day and took pictures? Hint: It's me! :) So I got very bored the other day and decided, "Hey, why not paint my nails?" I chose to do a different design on each nail, because I wanted to have some fun with it, but the colors are still the same, so that it all looks cohesive.

Hope you like my nails as much as I do! :)

Here's my right hand
Here's my left hand

In case anyone was wondering here are the nail polishes I used:

Sally Hansen- Hard Nails- Xtreme Wear Nail Color- Celeb City, Love & Beauty- by Forever 21- Neon Yellow, It's So Easy- Stripe Rite Nail Paint- Hot Pink, Revlon- Multi Care- Base + Top Coat

Also here's this really great nail polish remover I used:

Polish Off Professional- 100% Pure Acetone

It was really fun coming up with different designs! Although it took me a bit of time to do my nails, I have to say it was well worth it! :)

I love how the bright neon colors go so well with the shimmery silver!

Lastly, I more recently did my mom's nails, here's a quick snapshot of those:

The nail colors I used on here hand were Sally Hansen- Celeb City(same as above) and FingerPaints-Tiffany Imposter

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