Saturday, July 21, 2012

Long Time, No See & Cold-Weather Accessories (Ways to Wear/My Obsessions Post)

Hi guys, I know it's been forever and a day(which equates to seven months) since I've last posted, but I am finally here again! Man how I have missed blogging, and it feels good to be back! How have you guys been?? This feels so much like one of those moments when you're in the grocery store and you see an old friend that you haven't talked to in ages. :)
Well anyway, enough with the chit-chat. Today's post is about something I would like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on, or at least an educated fan of: scarves. I love scarves and I feel like they can be some of the greatest accessories to add to almost any outfit! And with so many different colors and patterns, scarves are a sure way to express yourself and add a personal touch. Scarves can add a pop of interesting to a bland outfit or be the item to bring the whole outfit together.
A lot of people consider scarves to be a cold-weather accessory, but that my friend, is where they are mistaken! For me scarves aren't something you just throw-on when your neck might be a little chilly, they're something you can where ANYTIME, including in the summer! The trick is to make sure to wear a light-weight scarf so that your chic outfit addition is not making you anymore sweaty than need-be. Another trick for rocking a scarf in the heat is all in the way you wear it. Trust me, if your neck looks like it's being choked by fabric. . .then it probably is! Instead, the scarf should be worn in a way that drapes the clothing nicely, and doesn't have so much of a snug vibe to it.

I thought it be nice to do a little show-and-tell now, so here's a quick snapshot of my collection of scarves. :)

Yup, there's 13 of them now, and I'm going to keep on adding more! :)

To get everyone started(if you are new to the whole summer scarf idea) here is a set of some more scarves, that I love, and would be perfect to wear, even in the summer's heat! Also, further down below I've chosen three of those scarves and put outfits together with them, to give you some ideas on how to rock this type of look. :)

Scarves, scaves, scarves!


Printed silk scarve
$55 -

Leather shawl

Alexander mcqueen scarve
$555 -

Grey scarve

Sheer scarve

Sheer scarve

J Crew wool scarve

Faliero Sarti scarve
$320 -

H M striped scarve
$13 -

Sheer scarve

Ways to Wear Summer Scarves:

Ways to Wear: Summer Scarves

Long sleeve shirt

Lace top
$83 -

Short shorts
$50 -

River Island lace shorts
$24 -

Vero Moda short shorts
$30 -

Leather shoes

High heel shoes

Alexander mcqueen scarve
$555 -

Sheer scarve

Sheer scarve


  1. I'm glad to see that your back! I love your blog and I kept on checking it to see if you posted anything new yet. Thanks for the comment on my blog i really love it when people comment. By the way I also love scarves too and the post of them was really great. Also I don't know if you even remember but i would love to see what else you bought on black friday. Happy blogging

    1. Thanks it's so nice redisdcovering the blogging experience ya know?! I'm really glad you liked the post, I wasn't sure if I still had the good old blogging bug in me! I would love to finish the Black Friday post, but to be honest I have like no idea what the rest of the items were at this point, but I'm sure I'll have some more clothing haul posts in future! :)

      -Ryann B.

    2. it's been so long it's so hard to remember things you bought way last year! I agree it is fun to rediscover how fun it is to blog. I'm happy you did find that blogging bug. I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. These scarves are Beautiful!! :D You've got me wanting to buy them all! :D

    Cindy C.

    1. Glad to see you liked the scarves as much as I did! :)

  3. OMG those outfits are adorable! Welcome back!! :) I really like scarves, and you gave me some great idea on how to wear them! I haven't been utilizing them this summer like I should have been!

    -Lil Miss Latina

    1. Thanks for the welcome back. :) I'm glad that you were inspired and liked the outfits!


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