Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Obsessions: Glitter Shoes

Today I have a "My Obessions" post for you guys, on glitter shoes. If any of you have been looking around stores lately, you'll see that glitter heels are EVERYWHERE! In fact, seeing a pair of pinkish glitter booties at Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago, is kind of what sparked this whole thing. I mean, they are just so chic and can add a little glam to any outfit, and plus, what girl doesn't want a little sparkle in her life?!?! :)

So first, here's a couple of pics of the shoes from Charlotte Russe:

Aren't they just perfect?? Obviously, that was a rhetorical question, because OF COURSE they are!! When I saw them I died and went to glitter heaven! :)

Here's a shot of them on a high self. It's like if rainbows and fairies had a baby, then they would only ALMOST produce something this amazing!

If you would like to purchase these shoes or just look at them some more :) , than you can click the link here and it'll take you to Charlotte Russe's site and straight to the shoes.

Moving on- since this is an obsessions post, I couldn't just leave at that! I've also made a little set showing different ways to wear glittered shoes. The first look is cute and casual, the second, edgy and glam, and the third is girly and chic.
Glitter Gone Chic

Off one shoulder dress
$40 -

Jane Norman kimono sleeve top
€45 -

Free People skinny leg pants
$41 -

Opening Ceremony short lace skirt
$425 -

Miu Miu high heel booties
$623 -

ASOS chunky heels
$90 -

High heel shoes
$139 -

Floral print handbag
$345 -

Rock handbag

Valentino clutch bag
£1,535 -

Van Peterson 925 heart jewelry
£45 -

Jigsaw bangles jewelry
£39 -

Amrita Singh gold tone jewelry
$80 -

Zara belt
$15 -

Hope you all enjoyed today's post, and may the glitter force be with you!! :)


  1. Love your glitterful post!! :D haha lovin those shoes as well! I was JUST about to get the gold version of those heels, and yes, they are beautiful (: Might go back and get them both! (=

  2. Thanks, and I'm glad someone is getting the shoes! By the way, I checked out your blog, and I now follow it! It was fabulous!! :)

  3. Thanks, I agree! Oh, and btw, checked out your blog and followed it!

  4. Love love love glittery shoes! They are the answer to all of life's problems :P I really like the ones you picked out - so lovely!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate the support <3

  5. Thanks for commenting and yes, glitter is amazing!! :)


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